X-26 is a project of Armando Emílio da Costa Caldas and Zé Pedro Ferreira, being the themes - music and letter - of Armando Caldas' responsibility, responsible also for th e voice, synthesized guitar and programming (keyboards, sequencer, ritm box ). He has already belonged to Amantes de Maria (baterista) and " Destino Disse " (bassist & vocalist) of Coimbra and to the group " TV Rural " in Viana do Castelo - Portugal . I n order to the end of this last group he began an individual project - " projecto Rural " TV - having altered the name later on for project " X-26 " in which is bassist, counting in the X-26 with Zé Pedro Ferreira collaboration, in guitar. It was hurried for the competition " Sound in the Arch " in Guimarães, RRV of Porto / 94, 1st encounter of Modern Music of Viseu /95 (projecto Rural Tv / X-26), 6th Competition of Ritual Modern Music and it participates in the compilation "Portugal Rock 96". To contact him, i t can be done through the following adress: Armando Caldas, Rua Fernão de Magalhães 4900 Darque, or for the telephone: (258) 322014 or mobiliphone 91 9855899

S.Bento.mid Antesde+.mid Mentir.mid Corda.mid Cais.mid
Engrenagem.mid Fogueira.mid Mudar.mid Herói.mid Inferno.mid
Antes de Mais.mp3(Demo) Mentir.mp3(Demo)