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Querido Inferno

Dia Chamado Natal

Armando Caldas made a compilation of  the projects he participated, in which he plays all the instruments (drums, bass guitar, portuguese guitar, keyboard...). His last project, AC? was is an individual project  that seeks it tries to cross the meshes of guitar pop-rock with the beat tecno, to which associates the sound of the Portuguese Guitar in his last work. It appeared as individual project of Armando Caldas, that took form in 1999 in the sequence of X -26. The themes - music and letter - they are of his responsibility, being also responsible for the voice, synthesized guitar and programmings (keyboards, sequencer, having in this work Hernani Pereira's collaboration (Viola Solo) and Sérgio  Lucas(Portuguese Guitar). It published a CD grouping AC?/X26 in 1999, and a 2nd CD " MMI (2001) " in 2001. He has a third CD " MM3 now (2003)". He already participated in Rock Bands  " Amantes de Maria " (drummer) and " Destino Disse " (bass and vocalist) in Coimbra and inthe Band " TV Rural " in Viana do Castelo. After to this last group, he began an individual projecto - " projecto Rural " TV - having altered the name later to projecto " X-26 " in which was bassist.  
Parallelly to the music it develops a literary career with the simultaneous edition of a book for each CD, described in the page: - Armando Emílio da Costa Caldas 
To contact him it can be done through the following adress: Armando Caldas, Quinta do Ribeiro, lote 104 Frossos 4700-150 Braga, PORTUGAL or mobile phone (00351) 919855999 or e-mail:

CD - MM3(2003)

Dancelandia.mid Inventar o Corpo.mid Tuga.mid Comunicar.mid Anjos Traídos.mid Eterno Carinho.mid
Árvore da Vida.mid Relógio.mid Reflexo.mid Há Sempre Alguém.mid Coração Distraído.mid Dia Chamado Natal.mid


Tuga.wma Dia Chamado Natal.wma Anjos Traídos.wma



Ingrato Coração.mid Anno 2000.mid Destino.mid Passado.mid Querido Inferno.mid
Sabes.mid Saudade.mid Sol.mid Ampulheta.mid Outono Assim.mid
Querido Inferno(mp3) Outono Assim (mp3) Saudade(mp3)

CD - Mensageiro/Antes que o Mundo acabe...

Tudo.mid Apóstulo.mid Mensageiro.mid Oasis.mid Esfinge.mid
Existir.mid Farol.mid PequenoSorriso.mid Traição.mid Linhas.mid
Tudo.mp3(Demo) Traição.mp3(Demo) Apóstolo.mp3(Demo ) Pequeno Sorriso.mp3(Demo)